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Vacuum Electroplating Overlay

Vacuum Electroplating Overlay
Use the advanced vacuum electroplating process to metallize plastic overlay, it makes your products more fashion and vogue to hit user’s heart. The transparence can be adjusted on electroplating to imitate a mirror effect. Furthermore, different metals such as Aluminum (Al.)、 Chromium (Cr.)、 Nickel (Ni.) 、Titanium(Ti) and NCVM offer various hues on your products.Combined with special ink, vacuum electroplating shows its vantage on moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, acid resisting, acid alkali, and good at pervious to light. After hard coating process, the hardness goes to 1H on PC; 8H on PMMA. Abrasion resistance is another reason that you should choose Electroplating.

vacuum electropling with Cr.

  • vacuum electropling with Cr.