Nameplate Printing

Professional Vacuum Electroplating Service

Professional Vacuum Electroplating Service
We have the special sputtering system to provide the vacuum electroplating for flat material. We may use the metal material , such as Cr(Chromium)、Al(Aluminum)、Ti(Titanium)and Ni(Nickel) . We also provide the advanced NCVM (Non Conductive Vacuum Metallization) skill for some electrical communication products. This special sputtering equipment and print skill make us become a vertical integration factory.
Sputtering system
Lens Tester
Etching Machiun
Product Stack-Up Example
Screen Printing Equipment

Pre-Press Machines

Our engineering department handles your drawing with profound experience and sophisticated equipment. Drawing explains the abstract ideas for you. It is the foundation of our communication. Therefore, the correctness of the drawing is very important to both sides. First step we do is to divide different color into different films from the drawing you provided. Then, transferring the films into screens.

Vacuum Exposure Film Printer

Printing Machines

We print your name and appearance under a dust-free environment to ensure the outcome will be clear and steady.

Screen Printing Machine Vertical Oven

Forming Machines

We continue the serious attitude in the process of covering protections、adhesion and forming. Our superior machines are exercised to glorify your product.

Die Cut
CCD drilling Machine
CNC forming machine
Automatic Punching Machine